Git (Source Code Management) - Strategy & Solution

It’s been long time, I haven’t posted anything on the blog. Though I have been engaged through meet ups with technical communities in Pune. It always excites me to explore new (which I never explored before) and go back to community and share my experience and knowledge.

This leads me and bring sense of responsibility, even when I am learning / exploring for myself. This has been a great advantage.

Recently I gave talk on Git: SCM - Strategy & Solution with WebApp-Pune meetup event hosted at ThoughtWorks Pune. ThoughtWorks has always been generous to host such events, which has been catalyst for developer community to grow.

I have been using Git with Github/Bitbucket/GitLab for several years. But when I was asked by my colleagues including seniors/juniors about Git. I realised that power & advantage of Git (or any other Source Code Management system) are not known / utilised by many. So I decided to give talk on “Git: SCM - Strategy & Solution”.

Below is the slides from the talk.


It goes in detail about Git, Git commands, Git workflows, Collaboration, Branching strategy, Git in DevOps & some bonus Github features.

Let me know your feedback or any question you have. Use comment section below or Twitter @ashishapy.

Ashish Pandey

Bengaluru, India