MeteorJS: Quickest way to MVP your idea!

This is the era of entrepreneurs and startups. With the launch of #StartUpIndia #StandUpIndia policies by PM Modi, now India is more friendly for start-ups. Not only Gov policies, even technology made so easy to execute your ideas. Cheaper and easy access to technologies made it possible to dream big and execute your idea.

The success rate of start-ups is significantly low and I believe this is what makes this world so exciting. We have started embracing failures, it is not like we should fail in implementing / executing our idea. But we should not be afraid of failures in the path.

How to get our idea turn into successful product / organisation? It all start with prototyping your idea or creating a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Either your idea is related to software world or not but you need a software system to showcase your prototype / MVP.

Now you get me where I am heading to… Meteor is the framework for you to quickly develop your idea and showcase to the world. To use Meteor all you need to know JavaScript , HTML & CSS. These technologies are the most used in the IT industry so it won’t be difficult either learn or get developers.

Meteor is easy to learn and get started. Once you are familiar with Meteor ecosystem then it is just matter of few weeks to get you MVP ready.

Recently I have presented the journey of one’s idea till execution in one of the meet-ups. It’s great talk on developing and showcasing your idea.



I was not well during presentation, this is my excuse to speak slowly (You may want to speed up the player) :) .

Ashish Pandey

Bengaluru, India